YFC accomplishes it's mission with these local ministry programs

Campus Life

The Campus Life programs offer hope, encouragement, and love to teenagers living in a turbulent culture. It is during this period that YFC staff reveal Biblical truth as it relates to daily living. Campus Life directors work with local teachers, counselors, administrators, youth pastors and parents in hopes of developing positive support networks for young people.  Click here to learn more.

City Life

City Life is an effective ministry model that transforms the lives of urban youth, their families and the communities they live in. The City Life model gives a strategic way to pursue every young person in urban Indianapolis.  Click here to learn more.

City Life Wheels

Equipping at-risk teenagers with relevant job-skills instills self-confidence and the means to provide for themselves and their future families. City Life Wheels teaches neighborhood teens basic automotive maintenance and repair skills. City Life Wheels is a hands-on program where the students do the actual maintenance and repair work on cars donated to the program.  Click here to learn more.

Juvenile Justice Ministry

JJM is an effective ministry to reach teens in a variety of youth-serving institutions (i.e. detention centers, probation, correctional facilities, group homes, residential treatment centers, emergency shelters, etc.)  Our strategy is to help young people develop a way of living taught by Jesus Christ; balancing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. We build valued relationships that are sustained through ongoing involvement as they re-enter their communities.  Click here to learn more.

Parent Life

Parent Life is a relational ministry that seeks to change the lives of young parents and their children through authentic mentoring relationships with caring adults.  Click here to learn more.