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Why Parent Life?

Approximately 1 million teenagers get pregnant in the United States each year. Parent Life pursues young parents, through community partnerships as well as in middle schools, highs schools and alternative schools in the metropolitan Indianapolis area.

What is Parent Life?

Parent Life is a relational ministry that seeks to change the lives of young parents and their children through authentic mentoring relationships with caring adults.

How Does Parent Life Work?

Through creative programming, Parent Life emphasizes making the “next right choice” in relationships, education, parenting and pursuing Jesus to make the most of their circumstances.

  • Small Groups – Meeting intentionally and regularly with a group of 6 young parents with free childcare and a meal provided
  • Mentoring - Meeting one-on-one to address the specific needs of one young parent
  • Educational Workshops/Events - Baby boutique shopping nights, guest speakers who lead parenting or life skills teaching and discussions, and spending time in activities with young parents to build relationships, model parenting and Christ-like behavior

How Can You Make a Difference?

Yasmin Cline, Ministry Director
[email protected]

Niccole Wilkes, City-West Director
[email protected]

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